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Custom Made Women’s Boots

“The best shoes I ever owned all my life were custom-made by my younger brother. He had an eye for detail. And he made the best footwear, in my opinion. For me, he made a pair of glass shoes. And I treasured them so much.”

--My Mother

Just a few years ago, it was a big trend for companies to make footwears en masse and bring them into the market. But that is tradition is changing massively now. People will prefer to pay more for their shoes to be handmade. And custom-made women’s boots are not left out in the wave.

This is not to say that mass production footwear companies are extinct. But clients are requesting some more detail to their shoes. They want a personalized approach to their fashion style, and that's why custom-made footwears are gaining increasing admiration.

What are Custom-made Women’s Boots?

 Custom-made women’s boots are those boots made specially for a particular lady with their size and pre-ordered design. These boots are made by those companies, such as Uniboots, that specialize in making handcrafted boots or shoes. They are quality shoes made from leather and other durable materials and infused with your personal taste.

If you’re weary of the mass production of similar shoes in the market, which creates a sort of fashion clichè, you should consider custom-made women’s boots. They are comfortable, classy, and reflect your style. Sometimes, they may be expensive but their durability makes them worth the trouble.

Identifying the best company for your handcrafted, custom-made boots will involve finding the ones who readily listen to your heart and are committed to birthing your dream. You want your boots to fit snugly on your feet and provide comfort for legs. At the same time, you don’t want to wait forever to have your boots after you’ve ordered.

Custom-Made Women’s Boots at Uniboots

At Uniboots, we offer you a period of 7 to 10 days after your order to have your boots. Our handcrafted boots are custom-made to suit your taste and personal preferences. If you’re big on using materials that help to save the earth, you’ll find our leather welcoming. They’re vegan-friendly leather that have prints on both sides and rounded construction at the toe.

The measurement chart on our website will help you to choose your accurate size. You won’t have to guess around the length or width of your feet and how to match them to standard shoe sizes. If you have issues getting your fit on standard measurements, a custom order will help you tackle that.

What’s the Difference Between Custom-Made Boots and Handcrafted Boots?

A handcrafted boot is made with much attention to detail by hand and equipment. Handcraft allows the boots craftsman to cultivate the design and delicately align them. With his equipment, he brings the boot to a finish that is both sturdid, original, and outstanding. Handcrafting boots requires the traditional patience for making handmade shoes and the expertise of machine shoemaking.

On the other hand, custom made womens boots are designed to your specifications and fit. The intention is to create a design that reflects your personality and does not take away from your fashion style. So, your boots can be handcrafted and custom-made at once. Shop the collection here.

 custom made womens boots

How to Order Your Custom-Made Shoes


Different companies and shoemakers have their procedure for ordering your custom-made shoes. Some will require you to create a 3D design with some help-tools for easy manipulation. Others have a set of pre-created designs that you can choose from and modify to your taste.


At Uniboots, we have some pre-created designs that you can choose from. We have over 200 designs, so you are sure to find something that suits you. Our prices are great and we deliver to your doorstep.


Other Companies that Offer Custom-Made Shoes


There are many other companies that offer custom-made women’s boots. Some of them produce handmade shoes and others produce handcrafted boots. You may find their prices to be exorbitant if you’re looking to get your custom-made boots at a budget. This is a list of custom boots makers from Texas.


James Leddy Boots


James Leddy Has been making custom boots since 1974. The business was initially run by James Leddy. But in 2008, Al Dos Santos and Deborah, his wife, bought it over. James Leddy offers handmade boots and repairs that are exceptional. Their designs include zipper tops boots, flowery tops boots, and old-fashioned crimped vamps. You’ll order shoes from $625 and they can take up to 3 months to be delivered.


James Leddy boots are made from pure leather, ostrich, crocodile, and elephant skin. They have made boots for George Jones, Johnny Bush, Buck Owens, and Charles Stenholm.


Bell Custom Boots


Bell custom boots is made by Alan Bell who trained with Tex Robin on producing handmade boots. He started his own shop in 1977 and has kept it up as a family business. The business is based in Texas where his wife, Pauline, stitches the boots as they are made.


Bell boots are made from leather and may take up to a year to get ready. Alan makes versatile boots and signature stitches both in and outside the vamp; you’ll find prices as low as $625. People Bell has made boots for include: the Pitchfork, Kyle Petty ( a race car driver), and 6666 cowboys.


Western Leather Craft Boot


Western Leather Craft Boots are not designed specifically for women. They are cowboy boots that have a variation of work boots, flower inlays, wing tips, and art boots. You can get your boots in 3 months and their prices begin at $450. These designs are made by the Ross family.


Texas Traditions Custom-Made Boots


Texas Traditions custom-made boots are cowboy boots with designs for men and women. The varieties include flashy designs from Charlie Dunn’s rose overlays trademark and wild flames. You’ll get boots for as low as $2,000 but they could take a while to be delivered. Lee Miller is the current owner and has made boots for Lyle Lovett the country singer, Slim Pickens the actor, and Arnold Palmer the golfer.


Tex Robin Custom Handmade Boots


Another brand of handmade cowboy boots located in Texas, Tex Robin Custom Handmade Boots started in 1944. It has continued as a family business with Tex junior taking over to make the same quality boots. Their varieties come as brilliant colors with trademark butterflies and eagles. You’ll find prices that begin at $695 and a one year turnaround time.


Kimmel Boots Company


Kimmel boots company is a small shoe company with 5 employees that started with Eddie Kimmel. The boot styles are antique with insoles that are heavy and durable. The prices here begin at $550 and you’re likely to get your shoes in 3 months.



Current Trends in Custom-Made Boots


Cowboy boots are not all there is to custom-made boots. Trendy boots have won a good place with cobblers too. You’ll find a lot of fashionable boots among many shoe companies that won’t take up to a month before they’re delivered to you. You won’t also have to pay thousands of dollars to buy your preferred design.


Many people are shifting towards custom-made shoes because of their desire to support a sustainable environment. Shoes made from leather and other natural materials like elephant skin are recyclable and do not pose a threat to nature. This is also a way to support local businesses which are more conscious of their impact on the environment. If you are thinking of ways to support environmental sustainability, opting for custom-made leather shoes is a great way to begin.


One of the goals of custom-made boots companies is durability. This means that these companies are aware that their reputation is hinged on their ability to deliver quality that outlasts their words. Customers want to be able to stop wearing their shoes voluntarily and not because they have gone bad. They also want to feel valued by their cobbler; another reason why custom-made shoes are thriving more than ever.


Where to Find Good Custom-Made Boots


You can find good, personalized custom-made boots online and offline. Albeit, with the current rise in online trends, you can find more options within the online community. You don't have to let pricing limit you since you can find someone who's going to offer you quality on a budget; location does not have to be a barrier.


Women's knee-high boots can be gotten from Footwear by Footskins and Charlotte Luxury.


Charlotte Luxury makes sharp knee boots specifically to the woman's design of choice and her fit. Their prices begin at $265 and get up to $2,200. They offer choice of material, color, type of heel, and measurements.


Footwear by Footskins make boots for women from cowhide leather and deerskin in sizes 5 to 10. Women making orders from Footskin measure their foot while sitting, with cloth tape. So far, they are one of the few companies with prices as competitive as Uniboots boots for women.


What to Know About Buying Custom-Made Women's Boots


When buying your custom-made boots, bear in mind that you want a personal feel to the delivery. A few careful steps will ensure that you don't make the wrong order. You don't want to run this awesome boots experience.


Size and Measurement


You need the measurement of your calves, ankles, feet, and shafts. These measurements are needed if you want to avoid returning your boots because of errors. Returning boots for adjustment is an annoying process which can be avoided.


On many websites, you'll find a measurement guide that will help you with the process. One way to get this right is to use paper and pencil to trace your feet. Then, use a measuring tape for cloth to complete the process. Your measurement reference will depend on the company you're buying from.


 You can add a few inches or cm to ensure that the shoes provide you with best fit and comfort.




Consider your budget. Custom-made boots can go as low as $60 and as high as $6000. How much you pay often depends on a mix of quality, material, and designer. Knee boots can be gotten from $100 and above. Other fees may accrue such as shipping and preservation fees.


Do a thorough search on the internet before you make a choice. Reviews may also help you to decide if the boots are worth the investment. New companies will often offer you lower prices with good material and sturdy build.


Due Date of Delivery


Many custom-made take a lot of time before they are completed and delivered. This is especially so for companies that have been in the business for decades. Some may take up to 3 years to complete a single pair because of the amount of work they have to do.


In today's fast-paced world, that's not something you're likely to want. Choosing a contemporary company that understands integrity and quality will ensure that you have your boots within 2 weeks at most. If you're making an international order, your boots may take up to 4 weeks before they get to you.


Exchange and Returns


Many companies do not accept a return for custom-made boots. But they may be willing to work with you if you need some adjustments to be made. However, you can avoid any of these experiences by getting your measurements right.


Exchange and returns can prove to be a frustrating experience both you and the company that is serving you.




Buying custom-made boots is a wonderful experience. It's especially helpful for women whose feet are rarely found in standard shoe measurements. Women with special feet problems will find this to be a better program than buying from the open market.


If you have particular preferences for boots that are rarely available in the market — or want out of the clichè — then go for custom-made boots. Any way you go, they will rarely go wrong with a fashionable attire. And you're sure to find something that is within your budget.