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Designer Boots For Women

Have you checked your wardrobe recently? Does it match your style? How about designer boots for women? Well, even if you have a lot, you can never have enough.

 There are different types of designer boots such as rain boots, classic silhouettes, stiletto high-heeled boot, or ankle boots. You can choose any one of the quality designer boots for your outings.

Designer boots also come in different colours, textures, shapes, materials, height, and sizes fit for each season or occasion. They are trendy and durable, spanning through years.

You can also consider getting handcrafted boots. They are made with high-quality materials.

Designer Boots For Women

designer boots for women

Specifically, they are custom-made leather boots that are vegan-friendly and have print on double sides of the boots. With a rounded toe design and lace-up closure system, you are sure of a comfortable stride.

Also, handcrafted boots are lined with soft textile with a sturdy design for maximum comfort. Its unique durability feature is top-notch and is suitable for all styles.

So, if you haven’t made a choice on designer boots for women, then you’re in for good surprises. We’ve covered different options in this article, feel free to explore and make a choice.


Brief History of Designer Boots

The earliest designer boot dates to about 12,000 BC. A Spanish cave painting revealed the footwear worn by men and women made from different materials. In 3000 BC, the Minoans in Greek Island made boot-making a skilled trade.

The initial purpose of wearing designer boots was to protect the legs and feet. It is still so today, though modern designer boots have become more fashionable.

The typical mental image of boots used to be just a type of shoe that covers the foot, ankle — extending up to the calf, and knee. Designer boots today have several styles and types available in shoe stores. Let’s look at some reasons why you need designer boots…


Why Do You Need Designer Boots?

The following are reasons why you need designer boots:

  1. Designer boots are made from high-quality materials. Hence, they last longer than other types of boots.
  2. Designer boots offer a lower cost for each wear. This is because of the durability of each boot despite the higher number of wears. We can say designer boots offer more value for your money.
  3. Well-made boots are comfortable footwear. So, you are sure you won’t have throbbing feet after use.
  4. Designer boots elevate your look not minding what else you are wearing.


Types of Designer Boots

Here’s a list of designer boots for women:

  1. Chelsea Boots

This is a classic type of boot that comes in different toe shapes and all heel heights. They cover the foot and ankle. These boots are often made of velvet or suede and usually come with platform heels.

A distinct feature of the Chelsea boot is the black elastic panels at the sides. These boots usually have a tab at the back of the boot which makes it easy to be worn. They are trendy boots that are a must-have for women.


  1. Stiletto Heel Boots

Stiletto boots are slender and slim with a pencil heel that may be medium-sized or long. This heeled boot will never be outdated. Interestingly, it can be added to all other boot styles and is best fitted with tailored pieces. Stiletto heel boot is a great alternative to pumps at the workplace during winter or fall.

You retain that same confidence you get when you wear your regular heels, and a height boost. These boots can be worn with different outfits like trousers, dresses, skirts and so on.


  1. Combat Boots

Combat boots were designed initially to be worn by combat soldiers. They are still worn in the military, however, civilians look at its fashionable aspect, rather than its function. These boots still have the same initial military elements such as the laces, high collar, rounded toe cap, and a chunky sole.

The fashionable combat boots are flexible. They come in different textures such as snakeskin, faux croc, and so on. Some designs even have a 4-inch heel for an additional height boost. This is not appropriate for military or army drills.


  1. Thigh-High Boots

Thigh-high is a classically styled boot that protects you from extreme winter elements. This type of boot is the tallest of all types of boots. It has a long shaft that runs up to mid-thigh (covering the legs) and usually fitted to the legs with no weird bumps and ripples.

They are the go-to winter boots for women who live in very cold regions. This is because thigh-high boots offer more protection and warmth. Also, they can be worn in the warmer season because they are made from light materials.

An interesting fact about the thigh-high boots is that you can wear them with jeans, tights, dresses, skirts and more.


  1. Riding Boots

Riding boots are knee-high boots that have low or flat heel style. They come in different finishes and colors. Most brands offer them in unique shades like navy, brown, grey, and black.

While some riding boots come in leather, others are made with suede and usually give off a posh vibe. They are best suited for horse riders but could be styled with leggings or waist-high jeans.


  1. Weather Boots

These boots are waterproof-fitted for different weather elements including snow, winter, or rainy season. They have stylish designs too that offer all-round protection for your feet.


  1. Cowboy Boots

The cowboy boots are remade continuously every season. They come in all colors, textures, and prints apart from cowhide leather. It is also good to note that they come with other options like kitten heel and a pointy-toe shaped design.


  1. Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are longer than calf-length boots as they extend up to the knee. They can be worn on tight jeans, though most women prefer wearing them with short skirts. This way, they look more stylish and extremely chic.


  1. Calf-Length Boots

These boots cover the calves and feet. They are often fitted with a zipper in front and on the sides to make it easier when pulling them on and off. Some may have laces or buttons (or both) instead of a zipper.


  1. Below the Ankle Boots

This boot has a low-cut cover for the foot and ends below the ankle. They usually have high heels and enclosed toes. This distinguishes them from bootstrap, regular heeled shoes, and sneakers.

The ankle boots are often worn with long trousers or jeans.


  1. Wedge Boots

Wedge boots are comfortable and classy. They give you that stunning look while protecting your feet and offering warmth.


  1. Lace-Up Boots

These boots have laces that run up along its shaft. They often come in knee-high length and fit with different outfits.


  1. Fringed Boots

They are made of suede or leather generally. And consist of strips hanging at its sides. They are perfect for sporting a preppy style.


  1. Oxford Boots

They are characterized by their unique shoelaces and a punched or perforated hole design on the foot cover. Oxford boots can be worn with skirts or pants.


Different Materials Used in Making Designer Boots

Leather Material

Boots made of leather are classy boots, exquisite, and poise. They are the oldest and most popular boots for men and women. Leather boots are long-lasting and durable. Maintaining leather boots is easy. To clean a soiled leather boot, you just need a clean damp cloth and you are good to go.


Velvet Material

Velvet boots are elegant and stylish but not suited for rough use. This is because they are quick to pick up dirt and dust. Cleaning these stains is a challenging task. Every woman should have a velvet boot in her wardrobe provided you do not walk on rugged terrains or go hiking while wearing these boots.

Wearing a pair of velvet boots never goes wrong even when matched with the wrong outfit.


Suede Material

Suede is a velvety and soft material that looks like sandpaper but smooth when touched. They are a modified form of leather but look more extravagant and luxurious than most leather skins. Suede boots are fit for casual and formal occasions because of their unique design.


Fleece-lined Material

Boots made of this material are plush and soft with fur-like lining running along the interiors of the boots. They are very comfortable and highly stylish. Fleece-lined boots are good for use in winter. You can wear them with skinny jeans and a baggy sweater.


Patent Leather Material

Patent leather is a material that is glossy, shiny, and waterproof. Patent leather boots usually have a lustrous surface that gives a polished and refined look to the boot. They come in medium pencil heels or high pencil heels, giving you an outstanding fashionable look.


Denim Material

They are fabric types of footwear that are made as knee-high and thigh-high boots. Denim boots are a good substitute for normal jeans and look stylish always regardless of the season you wear them in.

Most times, this boot has a foldable shaft that can be adjusted to your style.


Lace Material

Boot made of lace is another classification of suede or velvet boots. Lace boots have lace at the front or a strip of long lace running along the shaft of the boot or bootstrap.

Any boot with a lacy style or design falls into this category. They are the best fit for date-nights or when you want to give a fancier finishing to your outfit or look.


Polyurethane Material

Polyurethane is a synthetic material that is made with bi-cast leather. Polyurethane is also called faux leather because of the texture of the material. Boots made from polyurethane are less expensive and more durable than other leather.

This makes it a great choice for those on a low budget. Polyurethane boots are a combination of functionality and fashion.


Faux-Fur Material

Faux-fur boots are manufactured from artificial fur. They are best suited for use in winter.



How to Wear Designer Boots

  • Choose the correct style of designer boots that will suit your choice of look.
  • Pair relaxed designer boots such as below the ankle boot with a tee and jeans for a casual outing.
  • For a smart look, wear sophisticated designer boots like Chelsea boots and match them up with a blazer, button-up shirt, and trousers.
  • Choose a combat boot for a rugged and tough look. Then wear them with a leather jacket and dark jeans.
  • Always keep your designer boots clean so they don’t appear messy or unkempt. Make sure you put the material used in making the boot into consideration when you want to clean them.



Designer boots come in different lengths, designs, and styles. They are very versatile, super trendy, and suitable for a lot of occasions. Designer boots can give you a luxe, chic, elegant, and edgy look. This depends on the type of footwear you choose.

So, if you are here to find out which designer boot is best for you or you need help making a decision, we hope you found this article helpful. With several attractive boot options available, it is almost impossible to be satisfied with one pair of designer boots only.

You can check out these handcrafted designer boots. They are beautiful, comfy and stylishly designed for your feet. There are lots of options available just for you.

For maximum comfort, while wearing your designer boot, ensure you choose a pair that rightly fits your feet. When pulling them on, your feet should be supported and feel snug. Also, you should be able to move your ankles and feet without any pain or trouble.

Ensure the designer boots are not too small for your feet. You should be able to fit one finger at the back of your heel and your toes should not be pressed against the ends. If you are buying from an online store, ensure you choose your correct size.

We would like to know which boot-iful shoe you are getting on your next shopping spree. Shop now the best designer boots for women.